Innovative Designs

We work with the existing structure utilising as many existing materials as possible to transform the existing building to a modern idiom to ensure the design works to suit existing and new potential tenancies.

Structural Upgrading

Structural upgrading can be triggered by the change in use of a building or additions. Readymark ensure that this work is minimised as it is expensive.

Building Consent and Code Compliance

A building consent is not always required but in large works is mandatory as code compliance can affect the building warrant of fitness and insurance. Some buildings have been altered over the years and are not compliant and alteration can trigger the need for compliance and upgrading to current code including disabled access. We manage this process to minimise costs utilising the existing elements where applicable. In many cases, existing use rights can apply.

Project Management

The managing of a project is very important as each trade needs to follow along and is reliant on the one before to complete. This process also requires careful management as existing elements are exposed to minimise cost to keep within the budget. The project manager is the interface between the building team, the client and the tenant.

In-house Construction Expertise

Readymark has vast experience in renovating buildings and will provide a fixed price. Many contractors overprice projects because they do not know what they will find during the course of the works. This issue does not impact on our company because we know what to expect as work undertaken has been encountered many times before.

Our Own Tradesman

Most building companies do not employ their own tradesman. Readymark employ their own carpenters, painters and laborers who are skilled in many areas. The important factor is that we are able to direct our own staff on a daily basis without relying on subcontractors who may not turn up.

Full Architectural Services

Our Architects and Engineers provide a full service to ensure a resource consent, building permit and code compliance is finally achieved. Architectural Services relate to project costing’s and therefore are very important to establish the correct budget and feasibility of the project in the early stages.

Lump Sum Fixed Price to a Pre-Determined Budget

A lump sum fixed price ensures that you will know what the final costs will be before you start construction.