Commercial Improvements Ltd was established in 1979 with a maintenance and construction ethos. As a natural progression, we became a commercial building re-furbisher.

The Ready Mark story is about people and the importance of a value based culture in building. We place a priority on developing a strong relationship that meet or exceed the expectation of clients. Our commitment to customer satisfaction features at every level of our organisation.

Our Approach

Our clients are our partners in a project. By working closely together, we will deliver a high end product to suit the needs to create an excellent working environment delivering the best price possible.

Our service provides an initial assessment with an approach to add value to a building and keep where applicable the existing tenancies by refurbishment leading to an increase in rental rates.

We provide the greatest value to our client’s projects when we are involved early in the pre-construction planning to ensure that the right material and detail choices are made upfront.

Ready Mark will provide a full consultancy service as Architect, Project Manager and Contractor to a fixed price lump sum budget.

Because we understand the process and the industry so well, we have the confidence to challenge any aspect of a project in order to improve the solution.

Our Mission

To deliver measurably the best refurbishment services for our client to ensure client satisfaction in product and service.